8. The Purpose from the Individual Perspective

As we return to our own level, we can view our particular purpose. In the same way as life universal and the ‘abstracted’ species seek only the continuation of our own existence. However, just like the higher orders of life, we are incapable of meeting that aim except by reproduction or the successful transmission of our genes through other means. This requirement implies that the purpose of all beings is to seek to survive and ensure the survival of their genes. In this way, the Individual Purpose of the individual being is interrelated to, yet more specific than that of the species to which it belongs. The individual being is the lowest level of life. Its survival and its genome’s survival are vitally important to itself but less important to the species as a totality.

In nature, not all beings can reproduce, and in some cases, it is even better for the species as a whole that they do not. Just as individual beings perish without the notice of their species, so too do species disappear without notice from the innumerable multitude of life. This ongoing holocaust is to be understood through the prism of the universal value of life at the universal level. Each being values itself absolutely, this is as true of the ant as of the man. From a universal perspective, both are the same; they are life. That a man may crush an ant is nothing to life universal and little to the man. Yet to the ant, it is the end of everything. Just so a bacterium may overwhelm a man, being seen as a great evil by him, yet to the bacterium, it is merely a necessity of life, and again to life universal, it is only life continuing.

You may wonder now that if the purpose and highest good of life is to reproduce, am I suggesting that we humans have no other reason for living? Are we expected to make babies and die? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Yes, for many or most of us humans, the Individual Purpose will compel us to have children (and what a joy that is). Yet, it will not be possible for others through physical inability or only due to the circumstances in which they find themselves. Nevertheless, that is just a small part of the story. So far, we have talked in abstract terms about beings, life, and the purpose. From now on, we will speak about us in the specific.

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