Today Could be Your Last

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Hi all,

Just a quick post today. I came across a news article yesterday about a young woman who was on a working holiday in Australia. She had what she thought was a persistent cold and a backache. However, after multiple doctors’ appointments, she received the shocking news that she had terminal lung cancer.

Her first reaction to the news was, in her own words, "I wanted to go home. I was so scared that I would die here and never see my family again". Thankfully, after the assistance of friends and the hospital providing radiation treatment for free, she will soon be able to go home. This woman’s plight should be a reminder to us all that we are never guaranteed another day.

While the odds may be in our favour if we are young and healthy, like Ms Chen, we could be blindsided with the news that our time is up at any moment. We should remind ourselves that “tonight we may die, tomorrow we might be ruined. What matters is that we live today well”. Why wait until we know that the end is near before we spend time with our families? Why put off living a better life until tomorrow?

Today could be your last, what are you waiting for?

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