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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Hello, and welcome to "The Code" blog. This blog is intended to be an accessible resource for all things related to Codist Philosophy and Codism. Subscribe to the site to receive exclusive updates and to take part in discussions that will help shape the emerging philosophy of Codism.

I believe that philosophy is not simply an academic discipline, it should inform how we live our lives. Through it and its handmaiden logic, we can seek the truth and the optimum path through life. Finding peace, confidence and that most elusive ‘good’, happiness in the process


So what is the Code?

The Code and Codism refer to the philosophical position that 'all life is driven by a single purpose, that of the continuation of life'. Each individual and species achieve the common purpose through reproduction and the survival of their kin, and this forms their Individual Purpose. As we humans are living beings, it follows logically that we too share this Individual Purpose.

As beings possessing rationality, it is logical to consider the best way we can achieve our purpose. It is from this consideration (see The Code, chapters 2-9 for more) that leads us to the doctrine of Self, Family and Community and the duties to each that define the way in which we should live our lives (Ch. 10-16). As well as informing the development of new ethics and morality which places the achievement of the Individual Purpose first, namely the survival and welfare of our families first (Ch. 17-19).

It is these new ethics and the conclusions that follow from the Universal Purpose of Life and how they relate to us which is the focus of this blog. Much of what we discuss here is predicated on a familiarity with the philosophical positions contained in my book, "The Code: The Purpose of Life and How to Achieve it". Therefore, it is recommended that you read the work prior to exploring this blog too deeply. I have posed the book in full under 'The Code section of this blog' but, of course, if you would like an offline copy, it is available for purchase.

Due to its subject being life and the welfare of ourselves, our families and our communities, this blog will be wide-ranging. You can expect posts on issues as diverse as morality, political theory, legal reform, as well as practical advice on how to live and become better as a person. Join us to contribute to the discussion because, like you, I am flawed and I make mistakes, but it is through open and honest discussion and contemplation that the truth may be exposed and the best path to the achievement of our Individual Purposes can be discovered.

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