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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Hi all, today’s post is a bit different. I was over on medium.com and had responded to a post by Aaron NicholsThe Only Philosophy That Changed My Life. He wanted to know a bit more about the philosophy of Codism. Below is my response, which I think captures the essence of the idea quite well.

The philosophy of Codism is a new philosophical system that has stemmed from my attempt to make sense of the world after suffering a loss of faith and subsequently abandoning Christianity. In essence, the philosophy places the long-term welfare of our children and families as the ‘greatest good’. Morality, law, politics, and everything else exists to promote the welfare of our families.

At the core of the Codist Philosophy is the observation of the universal nature of the will to survive in all beings, as well as the logical necessity that for life abstract or a lifeform to have any purpose, it must first be alive. This leads to the supposition that the purpose of life must in some way involve the continuation of life (1).

As all living organisms die, they can only achieve the continuation of life through reproduction. As such, each organism has developed methods to reproduce and ensure the survival of its offspring based on its own specific abilities and attributes. For us humans, we also achieve our purpose in life through reproduction. However, as we possess logic and reason, we achieve our purpose in a unique manner (2). We form both intergenerational family groups and complex multi-family communities to promote the survival of our children.

How to act (3) to promote the survival and welfare of our families and communities is, therefore, a major focus of the philosophy. What is right (4) is those actions that enhance the survival or welfare of your family, and what is wrong is those actions that harm the welfare of your family. To act selfishly, or to lie, steal, or harm others becomes wrong due to their negative effects on us and our families, just as what is right is right as it has positive effects on ourselves or our families. In essence, the Codist Philosophy is selfishly altruistic. It suggests that we should help others so that others will help us. That we should act rightly as it benefits us and that we should not do bad things as they harm us.

From this moral position, the more practicable elements of the philosophy have logically developed. Behaviours such as non-ability-based discrimination (5) based on sex, phenotypic traits (race), etc. are shown to be wrong. While certain behaviours exemplified by wisdom (6) and the eight virtues (7) are shown to be good.

Overall, the foundations of the philosophy have been laid, though there is much work to do still. You (and anyone else) are welcome to come on over to www.andrew-stadtmauer.com and join in the work of developing and refining the system. A copy of my book The Code: Discover the Purpose of Life and How to Achieve it is available at most book stores, though you can get a free copy from here (8).

I hope this answered some of your questions. I have added some links below, which align with the numbers in the text in case you wanted to know more.

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